Defenders of the Faith

Honoring Judas Priest. An American Rock Band from Boise, Idaho.

Not some cheesy costume from days gone by

“Defenders Of the Faith … honoring Judas Priest” has been doing just that for the better part of the last decade. Founder/frontman, Gerrad Anthony has enjoyed an evolution of stellar musicians in the band since it’s beginning and has witnessed the project go from the garage to headlining local/regional gigs and opening for national acts. DOF is not your typical Judas Priest tribute act. The current member line up is all seasoned vets who hail from coast to coast. Guitarists Doug O’Neill and Jeffery Fultz, drummer Tim Allan and bassist David Holtz along with Anthony, are lifelong fans of the Priest.

They realize that the essence of this iconic band is in the music … not some cheesy costume from days gone by. These guys reproduce the signature sound and feel of the Metal Gods like no other, but they do it with their own persona and identity! From the soaring vocal screams, the crunching riffs, and precision solos, to the thunderous, pounding bottom end, DOF deliver the raw power and passion that fans expect in each of their live shows.