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Break The Broken

Saturday 3pm - 3:45pm + 5:15pm - 6pm

Rigby, ID

Break the Broken is the love child of luck and family. The foundation was formed in 2009 in blue mini van.

Charlie had played a small show and Cory heard there wasn't a bass player present. Jake, a badass drummer, was patiently waiting for us after posting an add online. Charlie was dating Natalie, who happened to be a childhood friend of Cory's. She joined by writing some amazing keyboard parts that fills the songs with life. Then when Mike moved back to town he added the lead guitar skills that Break the Broken was in need of. East Idaho was so good to us and we we're fortunate enough to open for many of the touring acts that came through town.

Driven by music and the love to perform BTB has survived many challenges including certain individuals moving 2,000 miles away. Technology has us still working on new music. After 12 years, we've still got so much creativity to share with the world. It's in our blood, and will continue until our blood runs dry.

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